Hostess Banana Twinkie Review

It was just a typical visit to the grocery store… until I looked on the shelf and saw banana twinkies! I was surprised to see this, since hostess doesn’t really come out with new or special products.. at first I was like “weird…” n then I thought about how much I love banana milk and I changed my mind and grabbed a box.

The twinkies look like regular twinkies. But don’t be fooled… they smell exactly like banana milk and have a light banana flavor. It’s not over bearing. They’re really sweet but I think that’s just because twinkies are generally really sweet.

over all I really like these and I hope I can get more soon… :)

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Happy Clover Strawberry Roll Cake Review!~

If you’ve been to an asian market you’ve probably seen these. They’re roll cakes and they come in all different flavors. They had Vanilla, Marble, Green Tea, Strawberry, and Chocolate. I already tried the vanilla one but it was just a little too bland for my taste and something about the texture was off to me. However my friends bought other flavors to try and they raved about them. So I decided to give a different flavor a try- one you can’t really go wrong with… Strawberry!


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Ppushu Ppushu Spicy Rice Cake flavor review! (떡볶이맛 뿌셔뿌셔)

Today I am reviewing the dukbokki flavor Ppushu Ppushu.

I have seen this snack online quite a bit and I have really wanted to give it a try. So I looked for it in Koreatown and I found it! There were flavors like bulgogi, grilled chicken, and sweet and sour. I chose “Spicy rice cake” because that’s a Korean dish I tend to lean forward to. I love gochujang sauce and anything with that sweet and spicy flavor.

I originally wasn’t planning on reviewing it because I was hungry, but half way through I decided to take pictures.


Basically how it works is you break up the noodles by punching the packet, open package and sprinkle in the seasoning, close and shake packet, and enjoy!


The first thing I noticed is the nice crunch and texture of the noodles. It’s that kind of satisfying crunchy texture like when you eat the leftover dried noodle bits in the ramen packet.

However there was something off putting to this and it kind of ruined it for me was the seasoning. To me it tasted like there was some sort of artificial sweetener in it. It was very powerful and made the whole thing kind of unpleasant. But I looked on the ingredients and there was no artificial sweetener. So I’m left confused as to what that taste was. Otherwise it was fairly good but…. the seasoning :(

2.5/5 stars