Myojo Ippeichan Oriental flavor Yakisoba with Mayonnaise Review!~

I think I may have hit the jackpot with this one. I typically stick to eating Korean ramyuns because I love the spice, but I decided to change it up and try a whole new brand and type of noodle. I mainly purchased it because of the packaging though because it’s incredibly pretty.


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Paldo Cheese Ramyun Review ~ 치즈라면 리뷰


When I was in KoreaTown I was on the look out for something new and delicious sounding to try

Cheese Ramyun sounded perfect!

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Wow 3 packets!!

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I put it in my heart shaped bowl :)


This ramyun was really good! The noodles were thick and bouncy. And once the broth cooled down I was able to slurp it all down. It had a nice spice to it with delicious cheese tones (sounds so weird)


Ah it was so yummy I’m missing it already. If you get a chance to buy this you shouldn’t pass it up! My review doesn’t do much justice but look at how good the pictures look.

5 out of 5 stars!

Hostess Banana Twinkie Review

It was just a typical visit to the grocery store… until I looked on the shelf and saw banana twinkies! I was surprised to see this, since hostess doesn’t really come out with new or special products.. at first I was like “weird…” n then I thought about how much I love banana milk and I changed my mind and grabbed a box.

The twinkies look like regular twinkies. But don’t be fooled… they smell exactly like banana milk and have a light banana flavor. It’s not over bearing. They’re really sweet but I think that’s just because twinkies are generally really sweet.

over all I really like these and I hope I can get more soon… :)

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4.5 out of 5 stars