Packaged Japanese Milk Baumkuchen Review!!



This morning I tried the Milk Baumkuchen from my local Asian Market.

A while back I tried the Strawberry flavor baumkuchen but for some reason it reminded me more of banana bread.

Anyway, I like this flavor a lot more.



It’s soft right out of the packaging, but the first bite is kind of dry? Not too dry, but dry to where I need some water to help wash it down.



I put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds and that really helped. It was a lot easier to cut and I could actually peel the layers of cake apart. It made eating it so much more fun!



Overall the flavor is just sweet. I was hoping for a cream filling but it was just a plain sweet/sugar flavor. Which I don’t mind, but it was nothing special compared to other pastries. However I didn’t find it too sweet; it pairs nicely with a cup of milk or coffee.. or milky coffee 🙂

I say if you see it and want to try it- go for it! It wont knock your socks off but it’s a pretty good packaged cake and would be a nice quick fix for a sweet tooth! 🙂

I’ll probably be purchasing this again. c:

4 out of 5 stars


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